The terrible horror story of four friends




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Skinwalker is a horror adventure featuring four friends who go camping in the woods. Once there, a strange sound alerts them to something weird going on. Before they know just what it is that’s happening, they'll be having to run or their lives.

The Skinwalker story plays out much in the same way as a graphic novel, so everything happens almost automatically, all while you control one of the four friends for brief moments.

While you control your character, you’ll be able to talk to the rest of the friends, or interact with some of the level's elements. You can even look through the windows to try to see what it is that’s stalking you. The story, however, is predetermined and follows a specific course.

Skinwalker is an adventure horror game with a very different and interesting story which you can finish in about 20 minutes. Best of all, it has one of those endings which make playing the videogame worth it.
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